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Marathon Community Theatre (MCT)

Exhibition Prospectus

The Florida Keys Watercolor Society (FKWCS) has historically embraced traditional transparent water-media materials and practices.  Although we are  a watercolor society, we do allow other media as defined below.

Allowed Surfaces

Watercolor paper; toned watercolor paper; yupo; paper coated with water-based varnish and gesso; aquaboard, clayboard; illustration board; rice paper; acrylic paper, canvas board; canvas paper; stretched canvas; pastel papers (fibrous and sanded) and velour paper and silk.

Allowable Media or Mediums

Watercolor; watercolor pencils; pastel; gouache; acrylic; water soluble oil; casein; egg tempera; ink; conte, charcoal, graphite or any combination of these mediums.


Photographs of digital or computer processes; no giclees or prints.

Framing and Presentation

All work must be hand delivered on Exhibition Hanging Day, shipments will not be considered. Work must be professionally framed (and varnished if necessary if not covering with glass or Plexiglas) Gallery wrapped canvas. does not need to be framed if presented in a professional manner. Frames and glass will be reviewed by the standards committee upon entry.  The standards committee reserves the right to refuse any painting they deem unqualified for any reason, including a decision based on presentation or inappropriate/offensive subject matter.

Work may be floated within a frame or presented with a single or double mat.  Work must be presented in a professional manner;  No broken or damaged frames; traditional framed work under glass or Plexiglas must be backed with brown paper or acid-free foam board, or acid-free backing white paper board; work must be wired (no sawtooth hangers) with no wire or mechanics showing when hung; no larger than a 2” wide frame; for full sheet watercolor painting 1/8th inch Plexiglas is required; maximum size of entry is 32” x 40” framed; each painting can weigh no more than 15 pounds due to our hanging system; no scratched, marred or damaged frames or glass.


No work copied from copy written material in part or whole (such as an image from a card, calendar, magazine, newspaper, Pinterest, Google images and the like).  No work partially or wholly painted by another.  Compositions based on photographs must be photographs taken by the artist or the sole property of the artist.  

All entries must be the original work of the artist created within the last two years, original, executed without instruction (No workshop or art class paintings), and not previously shown in Monroe County.  The artist must sign the work.

All work judged and accepted into the exhibition will remain hanging for the entire exhibition.  All paintings must be for sale. Any paintings that are sold will be available for pick-up only after the exhibition has ended. If you are unable to pick up your painting, there are members who may be happy and willing to store your painting for you until you return, please check with the Exhibition Chair for verification.



- there will be two main categories for judging purposes:

1. Traditional Transparent Watercolor

First Prize $150

Second Prize $125

Third Prize $100

Rainbow Award $100 (Best Use of Color)

Caribbean Award $100 (Best Tropical Painting)

Fandango Award $100 (Most Lively and Exciting)

2. All other media and non-transparent watercolor - COMBINED FOR JUDGING

First Prize $150

Second Prize $125

Third Prize $100

3. Overall Best in Show $300

4. People's Choice- Overall highest vote of all mediums $100

Voted by public and awarded at close of show

Total Awarded $1450 - Prize money is an estimate and may be increased or decreased as needed based on the amount of donations we receive this year.


To be eligible for the Annual MCT Exhibition, each artist must be a resident of Monroe County a minimum of two months per year, have paid their dues by or at the first meeting of the year, fulfilled show sitting obligations from last year if they submitted a painting and could not show sit, or show sit additional days this current year, and have attended one meeting in the last year preceding the show’s opening.

Each artist may submit up to five paintings. Registration labels are to be filled out and applied on the upper right hand corner of the painting as you look at it from the rear.

MCT ONLY: When submitting work, completed registration forms must be submitted along with $15 registration fee for the first painting, $10 for each subsequent painting.

FKWCS and Marathon Community Theatre will exercise the utmost care with your painting but assumes no responsibility for any unforeseen loss or damage. A 20% sales commission will be paid to MCT. As a standard exhibition procedure, paintings sold as a result of being in the MCT Exhibition during or after the exhibition must make arrangements to pay their 20% commission to MCT as a gesture of appreciation. Failure to do so may result in removal of your membership from the Florida Keys Watercolor Society without refund.

Submission of your painting shall constitute an agreement to comply with all the conditions set forth herewith.

Exhibition registration forms, invitations and posters will be available at the first two meetings, prior to the exhibition opening.


The OPENING RECEPTION is typically the first Sunday in March from 5-7pm - Artists arrive at 4pm

Posted exhibition hours are 11am to 4pm to the public on every Thursday, Friday and Saturday during the March Evening Theatre Performances.


Each participating artist is required to sit for the required amount of time for the exhibition and/or have another member sit for them. A sign up calendar will be available at the first meeting of the year and at all subsequent meetings as well as at the exhibition hanging day. The number of sitting sessions required will depend on the number of participants but most likely will require 2 exhibition sitting slots. If you are unable to sit these sessions yourself, you may ask a FKWCS member to sub for you. It is up to you to make these arrangements. Always coordinate this with the Exhibition Chairman.

There will be Exhibition Show Sitters Books that will contain all the necessary info to handle your responsibilities. Always arrive early to refresh yourself and know what you need to do.

DAILY EXHIBITION SITTING HOURS      Arrive 10:45 am - Depart 4 pm  

EVENING EXHIBITION SITTING HOURS    Arrive 7:00 pm – stay through the first intermission (usually 9:30 pm)