Nancy Murphree Davis

  Nancy Murphree Davis

My watercolor paintings are a cacophony of color. Rhythm and repetition make a harmonious melody of the color. I often flip flop negative space with positive space. This adds interest and creates and is used to construct a strong visual path. My favorite part of painting is to balance the feeding of pigment into a wet area and control the ebb and flow.

A decade ago, I returned to printmaking and learned several processes for creating monotypes. The thrill of peeling back the paper from the plate to see the result never loses appeal. I sell some of my monotypes as completed artwork, while others serve as a rich, textured backdrop for mixed media pieces that contain etchings, drawings, watercolors, collage; I label these "mixed media."

The most recent media that I have fallen in love with is alcohol ink. I was drawn to it for the vivid color it can convey. Because the inks can be unpredictable, they have an element of surprise, while still giving me a painterly experience.

The making of art is about exploration, and I love trying new materials and techniques. I hope you find a piece that speaks to you.

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